Peter Pease
BA (Hons), MSc, MBPsS

My entrepreneurial journey began at the age of twenty two, when I started my first business.

Since then, I have experienced both professional successes and failures, and have been described as a 'serial entrepreneur'. I am an innovative problem solver and love the challenges of business development (start up, growth and sales / markets) and creating learning programmes which change behaviours and deliver long term results.

​I have also devoted significant time to researching and developing the theoretical model of 'entrepreneurial psychological capital', with the aim that through my research this model will soon be propelled into the entrepreneurial 'mainstream'.

As a qualified organisational psychologist, I utilise existing and new psychometric models to help businesses hire, develop and retain their staff in the best possible way.

With over twenty years of both direct business experience, and in providing business-orientated coaching and teaching, I am able to provide businesses of any size with succinct, effective and well-informed advice.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you and your business.


07818 597 515

Business History

  • Created first business after leaving university at 22
  • Multiple Businesses created and sold
  • Pre-IPO valuation of largest company at £28-32m in 2007
  • Responsible for the education more than 30,000 learners
  • Worked with circa 4,000 business clients
  • Involved with Business and Management Education
  • Extensive Recruitment and HR experience
  • Significant amounts of debt and investment finance raised, and advised upon
  • Hundreds of talented professionals recruited and retained at various times
  • Excellent startup and large firm financial and tax experience

Academic Publications

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Towards A Multi-Level Model of Performance
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